Hello Summer!

Jacie CreznicBlog

Summer has officially kicked off! The cool lake, warm evenings, blackberry cobbler and ice cream while watching the kids run around on the green grass are beckoning. Branson is such a great place to be during the summertime. I love starting my day off at the Farmhouse close to opening time. If you arrive just as the day begins you will probably see a handful of regular and friendly locals lovingly referred to as “The Breakfast Club”. It’s such nice, relaxed way to start the day and the gang is always happy to chat give the best Branson area recommendations around.

Two over-medium eggs, smothered in hot sauce, a huge fluffy biscuit with butter and honey, and fresh, red sliced tomatoes make up a perfect start to my day….Oh, and of course several cups of my favorite coffee keep my engine running. We all have our favorites, and if you are here regularly, there is a good chance the great servers will remember just how you like your eggs, what sides you prefer and if you want your drink refilled. It really feels like you are sitting down with family when you pull up a chair here.

The Farmhouse is an easy walk from any downtown or Landing location, so if you have not been here before, the convenience is an added bonus. After breakfast, the gentleman in your group can take a haircut at the barber across the road, the others can meander thru the many unique shops peppering the historic square, then reconvene for a stroll next to the water at the Landing. The choices are plentiful and can keep you busy the whole day. Whether you grew up in Branson, or are visiting for the first time, you will find yourself enjoying the many offerings in the lively downtown area. So after a fueling breakfast, get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather in our lovely town! You can even take some blackberry cobbler to go and enjoy it on the dock later.