Salad Bar and More

Jacie CreznicUncategorized

At the Branson Farmhouse Restaurant, the staff is serving up more than just delicious blackberry cobbler and mouthwatering meats. The family owned restaurant is also home to the only open salad bar in downtown Branson.

Offering a variety of fresh vegetables and dressings to suit any palate, the salad bar is stocked with enough options to keep you coming back for thirds.

As well as the salad bar, The Branson Farmhouse Restaurant also offers a variety of other salads as well. One such salad is The Farmhouse Smoked BBQ Salad, loaded with four ounces of barbecued beef or pulled pork.

Topping this delicious and light meal off are diced eggs, tomatoes and cheese, served on a fresh bed of romaine lettuce.

With great reviews across the board for unbeatable service standards and delicious food, The Branson Farmhouse continues to deliver for all of their guests.