Birthday Wishes

Jacie CreznicBlog

This week at the The Branson Farmhouse Restaurant, one of our wonderful servers, Dorothy, celebrated her 82nd Birthday!  Because it is the Farmhouse, and our employees are like family, of course, we had to celebrate!  If you were in this week, you may have gotten to snag a cupcake too.  Dorothy has been with us at the Farmhouse for 29 Years!  There is a good chance you have met  her if you have visited us.  Some interesting things to know about Dorothy is that before moving to Branson, Dorothy was a teacher and taught in Minnesota and Alaska.  She is certainly one tough cookie.  When asking her what she likes most about working at the Farmhouse, she said, “It’s close.  I can get there in 3 minutes.”   I suspect their is more than the proximity that would keep her coming back for nearly three decades.  Here favorite thing to eat here are the dollar pancakes….maybe thats it.  Besides being one of our most fun loving, colorful, bright lights working here, she is definitely one of our kindest and most thoughtful.  We have birthdays all the time here, but this is what sets Dorothy apart…  “When is your birthday?  Whats your favorite kind of cake?”, she asks in the server station as she flips open her mini notebook to jot it down.  Dorothy makes a point to try to bring in a homemade cake for everyones birthdays.  She takes time out of her day, away from work, to do something warm and loving for the people she works with.  This week, we wanted to let you know that their are not enough candles on a cake that could show you how much your brighten our days!  We love you Dorothy! See ya next week.