There is Always Room for Dessert!

Jacie CreznicBlog

Cobbler is one of the Farmhouses most treasured, mouth watering menu items. Our famous Blackberry Cobbler is probably the most well known, but did you know we have other delicious reasons to save room for dessert? Besides Blackberry, you will find Peach and Cherry Cobbler on our menu. With any of these warm, fresh baked goodies, be sure to top them with a heaping scoop of your choice of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream. You will also find Root Beer Floats on our menu. No skimpy floats here! We will treat you with a large jar or creamy, frothy Root Beer holding up just the right ratio of smooth vanilla hand scooped ice cream. Prepare to have your thirst and sweet tooth quenched. You can also enjoy a simple bowl of creamy vanilla or cinnamon ice cream. Swing by and join us for a meal and dessert. We are open until 8 p.m. through the week and an extra hour later on Friday and Saturday night, so If you get a hankering for something sweet in the evening, you can always just come by for dessert and coffee. We even have many customers order cobbler to complement their breakfast. French toast and Blackberry Cobbler sound like a delectable pair. We look forward to seeing your soon and we will always save some dessert for you!