An Apple and Day

Jacie CreznicBlog

Changing leaves and cool nights have led way to full orchards and crisp apples. It’s that time of year when the harvest yields sweet, juicy and crunchy apples. At The Farmhouse, we put those apples to good use in our delectable apple dumplings. Nothing says the early stages of harvest season like a warm, flaky pastry embracing natures own delightfully juicy apple. At the Branson Farmhouse Restaurant, that apple goodness will be adorned with more apple cinnamon drizzle and a scoop of creamy cinnamon or vanilla ice cream nestled on top. Fall is Branson’s busiest time of year. It’s no mystery that the cooler temperatures, paint brushed hills and warm and inviting Branson hospitality are more than enough reasons to draw visitors from near and far. The Branson Farmhouse Restaurant is happy to provide your personal kitchen table for breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert while staying in the area. We invite you to grab a fork, pull up a chair and enjoy an amazing, homestyle supper in true down home, Ozark style.  We have all heard the saying, “An Apple and Day”, but nobody every said it couldn’t be apple dumpling style!